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Protection Scheme Design

AEE provides secondary system designs for the protection and control of power system plant such as, generators, transformers, cables, overhead lines, busbars, capacitor banks, reactors, motors and power converters.

Our designs span the three generic areas of the electrical power business:

  • Generation,
  • Transmission & distribution,
  • Utilisation.

As relaying technology advances, our designs evolve to provide our customers with more effective control and protection solutions.

AEE will also specify the measuring and protection current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs) to suit your power system.


Steam turbine, gas turbine, diesel, hydro, wind and solar generation systems all rely on effective electrical protection systems for their dependable and safe operation. AEE has the experience to design the schemes, recommend the relay settings and supervise commissioning for your next generation project. AEE’s solutions can accommodate a single generating unit or an entire power station. The protection of any utility interconnections is another of our specialities.

Utilities, mining, oil & gas and commercial solar generators trust AEE with the protection of their valuable generation assets.

Transmission & distribution

From low voltage to extra high voltage, AEE has the experience to protect the following components of the electricity supply chain:

  • Transmission lines,
  • Underground cables,
  • Transformers including auto-transformers,
  • Outdoor busbars,
  • Indoor switchgear,
  • Capacitor banks, Inductive reactors and SVCs.


Electricity is mainly about work. At the end of its journey, electricity must be safely and efficiently converted into useful work. Effective protection schemes are needed to ensure the security and safety of the electrical and mechanical power components. AEE has protection solutions for DOL motors, soft starter systems, variable speed drives, heaters, lighting and the final circuits supplying general purpose loads.

Be it fixed, transportable or mobile plant, AEE knows how the protection it requires.