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Other Services

NER Services

Engineers Australia’s National Engineering Register (NER) is the largest Engineering Register in Australia delivering a uniform national benchmark standard of professionalism in the areas of engineering practice, both general and special. John Archer is registered under the Electrical Area of Practice.

[Note that the term, NER, replaces the earlier version, NPER.]

When design and certification by an Electrical Engineering NER is needed, call on AEE.

Expert Witness

For the facts about power system protection, draw on AEE’s national and international experience. We will clarify the line between adequate quality and inadequate quality of:

  • protection designs,
  • power equipment installations,
  • operating practices and
  • commissioning procedures.

(Grid) Access Applications

From solar to steam power stations, AEE has the expertise to successfully manage grid access applications from start to finish.

HV Submissions

The Western Australian Government Department of Mines and Petroleum requires lodgement of a “Notification of High Voltage Installation” (or ‘HV Submission’) for planned HV project work. AEE provides clear and concise technical input to meet the DMP’s requirements.

Relay Maloperation Investigations

What makes the grid tie line to my substation trip at 7:30 AM each morning? Why does my busbar protection trip for a cable fault? Why do my motors keep dropping out? Why does my UPS cut-in unexpectedly? Why does an earth fault at a pump motor trip an entire substation? These are samples of some of the questions that AEE has answered. Bring your power system problems to AEE. Our challenge is to solve them.

Power Quality Investigations

AEE has experience investigating most common types of power system quality issues such as:

  • Voltage sags and surges,
  • Harmonic current and voltage distortion,
  • Voltage (or lamp) flicker &
  • Unbalance loads.

Our services include:

  • Specification of appropriate monitoring equipment,
  • Programming the equipment to ensure that the relevant parameters are correctly captured,
  • Site attendance to supervise installation and removal of equipment,
  • Downloading of measurements,
  • Interpretation of results and
  • Analysis and reporting with recommendations for practical solutions.


AEE provides full electrical drafting services for the production of AutoCAD drawings. We are flexible being able to work with Australian Standard symbols or your bespoke symbols. For design sketches, AEE also offers Visio drawings as an alternative drafting platform.