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Power System Analysis & Planning

AEE is committed to understanding the role that electrical power plays in the business of every one of its clients. Our experience of power system planning is that most customers know what they want. What they actually want to know is whether or not their plans will work. That is where AEE can help.

Protection Scheme Design

AEE provides secondary system designs for the protection and control of power system plant components such as, generators, transformers, cables, overhead lines, busbars, capacitor banks, reactors, motors and power converters.

Protective Device Settings

AEE has a wide ranging experience in setting relays over all three generations of relay technology: electromechanical, solid state electronic and programmable numeric relaying.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Safety conscious operators need their electrical workers to be fully informed of the potential hazards posed by electrical arcing faults. AEE’s arc flash hazard analysis will identify areas of high risk.

Earthing Design

Competent earthing design is a key component of substation safety. AEE identifies the relevant generic case studies provided in Australian Standard, AS 2067:2016 to assess acceptable levels of step and touch potential.

Other Services

NER Services, Expert Witness, (Grid) Access Applications, HV Submissions, Relay Maloperation Investigations, Power Quality Investigations and Drafting are among the other services AEE provide.